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WMI Tests:

Troubleshooting: WMI Properties For Windows Monitoring

Requirements: Monitoring Performance Counters (Example Exchange 2013/Hyper-V)

Configuring A Regular (Non-Admin) User Account For WMI Monitoring

SNMP Tests:

Troubleshooting: SNMP Tests

Unable To Discover SNMP Tests

Not All Tests Being Discovered Due To Timeout (E.G. Cisco Nexus)

Real Physical Memory Usage On Linux/NET-SNMP Device

Traverse Self Monitoring Tests:

Monitor Memory Consumption Of Traverse Windows Components

Tip: Creating Tests To Monitor The Time Since Last Results From A DGEX

Traverse: How To Detect Crashed Database Tables


Unknown Test Status



Database Issues (DGE/MySQL):

How Do I Repair An Error With A Traverse Database

Tip: How Do I Optimize The DGE Database

Restoring Your MySQL Databases (Windows)

Database Issues (BVE/Provisioning Database):

Troubleshooting: Exporting The Configuration/Provisioning Database


Traverse Infrastructure: 

Installation / Upgrading of Traverse:

Traverse Software Access Links

Tip: Traverse Upgrade To Current Release

Firewall / Ports Required:

Communication Between Traverse Servers (DGEx's)

DGEx Issues:

DGE(-X) Does Not Show On Health Page

Tests Discovered But Not Updating

Troubleshooting: Testing Connectivity To 7651

Some DGE(x) services do not start up after an upgrade - Error 1053

Migrating Traverse Servers/Devices:

Migrate Traverse To New Linux Server

Migrating/Moving Devices From One DGE To Another

Move Devices From One DGE(-X) To Another DGEx

How To Change The IP Address Of A BVE

Migrate Traverse To New Windows Server

Installing An Existing DGE Extension (DGEX) To A New Location Or A New Server



Email Alerting:

Troubleshooting: Not Receiving Email Alerts

Traverse: How To Change Email Notification Localtime?

Receiving Alerts During Scheduled Maintenance



Recommended method to add a vCenter device to traverse

Troubleshooting: Turn on additional VMware logging



Troubleshooting Netflow

Tip: Netflow Report With No Data

Why Can't I Delete Netflow Data ?



Using Custom & Adhoc Reports To Widen The Scope Of The Data In Your Reports

How Can I Generate An Audit Report


SNMP Traps, Syslogs, Windows Events:

Tip/Troubleshooting: Configuring Traverse To Receive Windows Events

Deploying A New Message Rule File

Troubleshooting: SNMP Traps, Syslog Messages, Windows Events

Troubleshooting: Reviewing All Incoming Syslog Data















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