How can I discover/monitor Battery status of the Laptop?


How Can I Discover/Monitor the Battery/Power status of the Laptop?


When you perform (WMI) test discovery against a Windows Laptop, Traverse uses its extensive library of Device Signatures to identify the type of device and automatically locate key availability and performance metrics. 

If you would like to include Battery status of the Laptop  in the test discovery, download the attached  Device Signature file to your Traverse BVE server and place it under <TRAVERSE_HOME>/plugin/monitors directory.

Substitute TRAVERSE_HOME with appropriate Traverse installation directory - On Windows this is typically C:\Program Files (x86)\Traverse while on Linux/Solaris this is /usr/local/traverse. 

Next follow the instructions  for deployment.

Now when you perform WMI test discovery via Administration -> Devices  (for a suitable device) -> Create New Standard Tests, additional tests for the selected Battery Status types will be included.


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