Troubleshooting: WMI properties for Windows monitoring


All/Some WMI tests are not being discovered when adding WMI tests.


Run both the and the WBEMTest and attach to the support ticket.

Running (probeWmiTests)*

From the DGE/DGEX, open a DOS command prompt, using Run As Administrator and run the following


utils\ --host n.n.n.n --ruser "DOMAIN\ADMIN1" --rpassword "PASSWORD1" --debug

Please review the output

You may also redirect the output as below:

utils\ --host n.n.n.n --ruser "DOMAIN\ADMIN1" --rpassword "PASSWORD1" --debug > probe_out.txt 2>&1

Please do not attach any files to this article. Please zip and attach the file to the existing (or create a new one) Support Ticket.

Note: you must substitute: 

<TRAVERSE_HOME> with the Traverse installation directory
n.n.n.n is the target IP Address being monitored
DOMAIN\ADMIN1 with the user credentials (for a local account on the target machine, specify . as the domain)
PASSWORD1 with the account password


Additional troubleshooting:

The attached PDF document provides some additional troubleshooting steps/hints when monitoring WMI properties. Please run the WBEMTest to confirm connectivity between the DGE/DGEx and the device your are trying to monitor/discover.

 * If the default password has been altered (for instance in the file dge.xml under the section

<host name="wmi_qd_1"

 Note that this is the password for the DGE component to communicate with the WMI QD component. Note also if this default password is changed, it must be specified as an argument to the command as in:

utils\ --host n.n.n.n --password "abbc" --ruser "DOMAIN\ADMIN1" --rpassword "PASSWORD1" --debug




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