Troubleshooting: Turn on additional VMware logging


How do I turn on additional VMWare logging for troubleshooting?


Occasionally, to troubleshoot issues with VMWare tests (across Vcenter and/or ESX hosts), it is required to turn on additional debugging to collect data. To do so, kindly follow the instructions here:

Please follow the instructions here to turn on additional logging for vmware. (The instructions are for a Windows installation; for Linux, please use / in place of \ for the directory paths)

On the DGE or DGE Extension in question:

  • Create a copy of the existing TRAVERSE_HOME\etc\logging\debug.xml
  • Create a copy of the existing TRAVERSE_HOME\etc\logback.xml
  • Replace TRAVERSE_HOME\etc\logging\debug.xml with the copy in the attached zip file
  • In the file, TRAVERSE_HOME\etc\logback.xml, change the value of 'LOGDEBUG' to 'true' 

           <property name="LOGDEBUG" value="true" /> <!-- when 'true' edit ${LOGINC}/debug.xml -->

  • Save the file (depending on permissions, you may have to save to the Desktop and then the copy the file over) 

Within a few minutes, a file such as TRAVERSE_HOME\logs\vmware-2020-02-21-12.log should be created.

Once the issue has occurred, please zip and attach all instances of the vmware log files for review on the support ticket that has been opened. Please do not post the files here.

 To turn off the additional logging, please

  • Restore the saved debug.xml back to <TRAVERSE_HOME>\etc\logging\debug.xml
  • Restore the saved logback.xml back to <TRAVERSE_HOME>\etc\logback.xml

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