Using the Chrome Developer tool to illuminate the Traverse API calls


How do I expose the Traverse API calls?


EXAMPLE - (Event Acknowledge API Call)

  1. When logged into Traverse, add '/api' to the end of the FQDN
    This will give you a full breakdown of all the available API calls
  2. Search for 'Event' and you will see the 'acknowledge' command
  3. Click on 'WSDL'


    Access https:/FQDN/api/soap/event?wsdl and search for 'eventAckRequest', this will give you the structure of the RQ and all possible parameters


    Additional info on the API call can be see by navigating to the 'Location' URL on the 3rd line of this page -


  4. To get an example of one of these RQ's the easiest way to do so is with the Chrome Developer tools. (CTRL+SHIFT+I)

    Navigate to STATUS >> Events
    Open the Chrome Developer tool. (CTRL+SHIFT+I)

    Select 'Acknowledge'

    Select the 'acknowledge' entry in the Chrome Developer tool -

  5. Switch from 'Preview' to 'Headers'. Scroll down to 'Request Payload' and click on 'view source'

and there you will see the actual structure of the Event Acknowledge RQ that was sent to Traverse which you can then modify as needed -



The same can be done for all 3 of the Suppress Acknowledgements also







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