Troubleshooting: exporting the configuration/provisioning database

Occasionally, to troubleshoot an issue, the provisioning or configuration database may be required to be reviewed.

Additionally, the audit.log from the BVE (<TRAVERSE_HOME>\logs) will be required to be reviewed.


The process to be adopted is listed below. Please note - do not post any attachments here. Please post attachments to an
existing support ticket or open a new support ticket.

Please note - <TRAVERSE_HOME> refers to the Traverse installation directory
                  - replace YYYYMMDD as appropriate with the year, month and date


 This process does not require any components to be shut down. 


On Windows:

cd <TRAVERSE_HOME>\apps\poet\bin
ptxml -export -file provdb-YYYYMMDD.xml -server localhost -base provisioning > provdb-YYYYMMDD.txt 2>&1

The above command creates the provdb backup in <TRAVERSE_HOME>\apps\poet\bin.

To redact the password, please follow the additional instructions below.

Then please zip together and attach

* provdb-YYYYMMDD.xml
* provdb-YYYYMMDD.txt
* <TRAVERSE_HOME>\logs\audit.log
* <TRAVERSE_HOME>\database\backup\backup_provisioning.xml

to the appropriate support ticket for analysis.


On linux (please note the backtick ` are to be typed in as is for the export LD_LIBRARY_PATH command below):

cd TRAVERSE_HOME/apps/poet/lib # Replace TRAVERSE_HOME with your actual Traverse install folder
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=`pwd`
cd ../bin
./ptxml -export -file /tmp/provdb-YYYYMMDD.xml -server localhost -base provisioning > /tmp/provdb-YYYYMMDD.log 2>&1
cd /tmp
zip provdb-YYYYMMDD.xml provdb-YYYYMMDD.log

To redact the password, please follow the additional instructions below.

Then please tar/compress together and attach

* the provdb-YYYYMMDD.xml
* the provdb-YYYYMMDD.log
* <TRAVERSE_HOME>/logs/audit.log
* <TRAVERSE_HOME>/database/backup/backup_provisioning.xml 

to the appropriate support ticket for analysis.

Credentials removal:

For security reasons, we recommend after the steps outlined above, to download the attachment and run the following instructions:

  • Unzip the attachment under <traverse_home>\utils\ (same folder in Linux)
  • Run in a command line window (shell in Linux):
    • <traverse_home>\utils\ provdb-YYYYMMDD.xml
  • Note for Linux make this script executable with 'chmod +x'
  • The output that would be provdb-YYYYMMDD.xml.tmp file with all the passwords altered with the word "redacted"
  • Kindly zip this file with the rest of the files outlined above (<TRAVERSE_HOME>/logs/audit.log and <TRAVERSE_HOME>/database/backup/backup_provisioning.xml)



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    Piyush Mehta

    Please note that if the compressed files are greater than 17M, you should have a separate link provided to you via the support ticket to upload the file(s).

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