Creating a custom Plugin Monitor

PROBLEM: How do I create a Plugin Monitor?


A Plugin script monitor is the recommended way to monitor non-traverse logs or query devices directly.

Please see the following user guide articles on how to create your own script:
- Configuration File Format - Creating the Plugin script XML file
- Writing The Plugin Script - Creating the script itself. The script prints a particular integer which defines a particular state. (*Take note - Traverse only supports Integer values, not String values)

On the Monitoring DGE/DGEx -
- Place your script in <TRAVERSE_HOME>/plugin/monitors/<test_type> directory (where <test_type> is the type name specified in the configuration file).
- Place the XML test descriptor in <TRAVERSE_HOME>/plugin/monitors
- The web application and DGE components must be restarted before the new monitor is usable.
- To provision the test:

1) Log in as end user.
2) Click on Administration > Devices > Tests.
3) Click on Add New Standard Tests.
4) A new check box should be presented with the name of the 'monitor type' as you defined it in the XML - (i.e. <monitor type="atmosphere")
5) Enable the test, and make sure that the correct severity option is selected (i.e. Ascending, Descending, Discrete etc.)
6) Submit the form.

Some good sample perl scripts to base your script on:
Sample Plugin Monitor with Discrete Thresholds
How do I monitor the expiration of SSL certificates? (See attached script in that KB)

If this is your first time developing a Plugin Monitor, it's advisable to use the scripts in the above articles as a starting point and modify them as appropriate:



All versions of Traverse


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