Cloud Backup installation fails with error 1603


When installing the Cloud Backup (KCB) agent the installation fails with Error 1603.


The causes can be multiple:

1. Creating the Acronis user failed on the Domain.
2. A previously attempted installation failed, or the backup agent did not uninstall cleanly.
3. Firewall settings prevent the agent from registering to the Acronis Cloud


1. The machine is on a domain, and a user was not specified during installation.
This results in the Acronis User Account failing to be created.
To solve this specify the admin credentials for the agent during the install.

2. Try running the Acronis Cleanup tool to clean up any previous installation.

More information about this tool can be found below:

3. If the Backup Agent cannot reach the Acronis Servers the installation will fail.
Try running the Connection Verification Tool below to see if there are any communication issues.

If connection issues are present verify that the firewall is properly configured to allow the connection.
Once, the test passes to run the cleanup since the installation failed, and try again.

If you are still having issues please contact Kaseya Support, with the install logs in the location below:

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