How to Turn On/Off the Acronis Business Notifications during a Maintenance?

What are Business Notifications?

Business notifications are separate from backup status emails and are designed to be helpful for business operators and other responsible managers. You can enable or disable business notifications for any given account in Acronis Backup Cloud. When enabled, business notifications will be sent to the specified e-mail address in the account. 

Types of Business Notifications:

Business notification emails are comprised of the following notice types and sent to the e-mail specified in the account and include:

  • Quota management notifications (quota excess, overage excess etc.)
  • Data center notifications (maintenance windows, software updates etc.)
  • Monthly usage reports (generated automatically on the 2nd day of each month)

Steps to follow for turning ON/OFF notifications:

To switch business notifications on or off:

  1. In the management portal, navigate to Users.
  2. Select the user for which you want to adjust notifications.
  3. In Settings, click the pencil icon to edit:
  4. To enable business notifications, check the Send business notifications checkbox:
  5. To disable business notifications, clear the Send business notifications check box:
  6. Click Done.

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