Changing the Agent Working Directory


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  • What are the steps for changing the existing working directory of a managed endpoint to another folder?
  • After changing agent working directory, do we need to copy all of the files from old agent working directory to the new directory?
  • Will change in agent working directory break anything? 


If you set the new value for the Kaseya Working directory via the interface (Agent > Working Directory / Agent > Manage Agents > Manage button > Working Directory) or using policies (Policy Management module), it won't break anything. Kaseya will handle everything by itself. Any relevant files will be recreated or downloaded again when needed. Usually there is nothing in there that cannot be replaced.

If you are using KAV updates pulled from LAN Cache machine you will need to reconfigure KAVUpdater share as per below article:

As per the article, the following Microsoft OS controlled directories should never be used as a working directory and are not allowed to be used for any new K2 v6-based or greater Agent installation:

< OS_Installed_Partition >:\Program Files
< OS_Installed_Partition >:\Document and Settings
< OS_Installed_Partition >:\Temp
< OS_Installed_Partition >:\Users
< OS_Installed_Partition >:\Windows


If you have any agent procedures where the path to Agent Working Directory was hard-coded (e.g. C:\temp), you will need to change them. We recommend to use Agent Procedure Variables, such as Agent Working Directory Path.


Applies to

Kaseya VSA - v6.3 and later.

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