Agent account name is not the same as the Computer name

Problem :

The Agent account name is not same as the Computer/Machine name.


1. The Installation package used for installation didn't have the following option selected.



2. Computer/Machine name was changed after the agent account was already created.

Even if the option in cause 1 was selected while installing the agent, if the machine name was changed after the installation, it doesn't update the account name.




1. For a fresh install, Select the option to set machine ID to be the same as Computer name as per the screenshot above.

2. If the account is already created and the computer is renamed later. Navigate to the following

System > System Preferences > Naming Policy > Select the machine group of the agent account> Select the option "Force Machine ID to always be the computer name" > Update

This will update the Machine ID for that agent to be the same as the computer name after the first full check-in.

If you want the Machine ID to be updated immediately, you can run Force agent check-in from Agent Procedure > Schedule / Create.


Applies To

Kaseya VSA - V6.5 and above





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