Gathering Agent Logs For Connectivity Issues


What agent connectivity logs can I provide Kaseya to expedite support requests of this nature?


You can provide Kaseya Support with the following logs, but you can also gather them using this KB article.

Windows MachinesC:\Program Files (x86)\Kaseya\[AgentInstallDir]

  • AgentMon.log
  • KasError.log
  • KaseyaD.ini

OS X/Library/Logs/

  • KasError.log


  • KasError.log

Note: Any system.log entries related to the Kaseya Agent and/or AgentMon:

Gather more verbose-outputted information for better diagnostics by doing the following on affected systems:

1- Run the following command to do so:

# echo 0x3ff > /opt/Kaseya/[AgentInstallGUID]/tmp/kAgentMask

2- Restart the agent if possible.

3- Send us the Syslog from this system after that in a zip archive in your ticket.

The Syslog will be in one of the following (check with your distro provider if not in either of these): 


Note: Default Linux Agent install path for Linux Agents is in /opt/Kaseya/<Agent-Instance-Guid> 

Applies to: Kaseya Agent (all types & versions).

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