Create an End-User Account for Remote Control Access


How do I create a VSA account, so end-users can access their own machines for the remote control feature? 


This can be accomplished by creating a remote control only role, and a scope that is limited to the end-users machine(s). Important to note that, you can re-use the same role, however, the scope needs to be different per end-user as this is what dictates -what- machines they have access to. 

Navigate to System / User Security / User Roles, and click on New.

Name your new role, in this case, we used RemoteControl and set the Type to End User or Kaseya Advance. 


Next, let's define the access rights that are needed for this new role! Once, created it will now show up under the Role column. 

Select your new role by highlighting it, then click on the Access Rights tab.

On, the Access Rights tab, with your role selected, click on Set Role Access Rights. This will show all the different permissions that can be given to this new role. 

Please unselect everything, making the role blank. 

Now, lets set the minimum access rights to enable remote control only. Please make sure to unselect anything that is not as the below, you may give out unknown extra privileges. 





Live Connect


Remote Control (optional)




GREAT! Now, we have defined our role. Next, we need to create the scope, which is what the end-user can see within the VSA. 

Navigate to System / User Security / Scopes, and click on New.


Now, select the scope from the middle column, and click on the Machines tab. Here is where we can add the desired machines. NOTE: You can also add an entire Organization or a Machine Group. 

Click on Assign, and select the desired machine to be added. 

The last step is to create a User and assign the new role and scope you created for them. They should be all set by login into the VSA, using the same URL as you. 



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