Kaseya Server Installation Fails for SQL 2017


The Kaseya Server installation/upgrade fails with the following error:

System Error [0] Message: CREATE or ALTER ASSEMBLY for assembly 'KID' with the SAFE or EXTERNAL_ACCESS option failed because the 'clr strict security' option of sp_configure is set to 1. Microsoft recommends that you sign the assembly with a certificate or asymmetric key that has a corresponding login with UNSAFE ASSEMBLY permission. Alternatively, you can trust the assembly using sp_add_trusted_assembly. 


SQL 2017 introduces a new DB schema security that defaults to "On" and must be turned "Off" in order to proceed. The new 'clr strict security' is an advanced option that is hidden by default and cannot be reconfigured without showing the advanced options.


  • Execute the following queries in this order:
EXEC sp_configure 'show advanced options' , 1; 
  • Next, execute this one:
EXEC sp_configure 'clr strict security' , 0; 
  • Once the SQL queries run, go ahead and re-run the KInstall once again - this time it should complete without any errors.

Note: If you incur any issues or the above does not correct the problem, please create a Support Case via this link.

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