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Mac OSx Agent Install Fails


Agent Installation on Mac OSx fails. You may see an error message like this

Error Installation of agent failed because configuration file contents could not be accessed




Potential causes for failures in the installation of a Kaseya Agent on Mac OSx computers have been associated to one of the following causes:

a. The specific Mac OS version is not supported by Kaseya

b. The machine has traces of agent(s) previously installed which is not allowing the new agent to be installed

c. Permission issue in tmp directory




a. To find out if your Mac OSx is supported for kaseya agent install or not, please check the System Requirements listed in

Please note we do not support installation of Kaseya agents on Mac Yosemite machines for Kaseya VSA 6.5 or earlier versions. Kaseya v7 or R8 or later support Mac Yosemite, as long as your Kaseya server has the latest patch installed.

b.If you are running the Kaseya agent deployment package and you do not see anything happening, then it might be a case where the machine previously had Kaseya agent installed and your package has a switch to skip installation if it finds any such trace. Please follow below steps

1. Please modify your install package to exclude /e switch and please include switches /r and /w

2. Please modify your install package to make sure you are not choosing silent install, this way you can see the install progress.

3. If you do not find above step helping you, please consider uninstalling previous trace by following steps from

Now please try to install the agent again

c. Please make sure the user you are using to install the agent on the Mac machine has read/write access to /var/tmp folder. Kaseya Agent installer will write files in this folder,therefore the rights are essential. If the kaseya related files are there in /var/tmp folder, please delete or renamed to .old to see if the new install attempt will create any new files there or not



Install Rosetta on M1, M2 MAC

  • Open your terminal
  • Copy and paste the following command into the command line: usr/sbin/softwareupdate --install-rosetta--agree-to-license
  • Press Enter

Rosetta will automatically install on your device


If the above steps fail, please log a Support ticket and provide us the below log


Where “[OS_Install_Partition]” = The drive that the OS installed onto, usually 'Macintosh HD'.

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