Create a View for Outdated Agents.

Question: I would like to create a view that will show agents that are not on the latest agent version. How can I accomplish this? 

Answer: You can create views that will return all machines using a specified agent version. Please see the steps below:

  • On the Agent > Manage Agents page, click on the Edit button to get this view created:


  • Make sure that you have < New View > for the Select View: option and click the Save As button to name the view:


  • Once the view has been created, click on the Define Filter... button:


  • Locate the Agent Ver (number only-4050002) field and enter the data for the agent version. Note: The latest agent version for 9.4 is specified as 9040015; so for version, it would be like that - this formatting applies to any version number.


  • Click Apply
  • Click Save
  • Test the view:



Applies to: All VSA's -

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