Kaseya Server has not Checked in with Kaseya's License Manager Server


My Kaseya VSA is not syncing with Kaseya License Server.


This issue would happen if you have any firewall or web filtering in place that is blocking the access of your Kaseya Server to our License Manager


Kaseya has an internal event to harvest licensing data using getcheck functionality reoccurring every 28800 seconds

License server address as per our getcheck.asp file is "vsaupdate.kaseya.net/vsaupdate"

Therefore if you try to browse to the below URL from your Kaseya server and if it does not work then chances are that you may encounter licensing issues in the future as the Kaseya server will not sync with our licensing server.


If this fails you should follow the below troubleshooting steps. Please include a screenshot showing the result of the above getcheck test when contacting Kaseya Support.

If this works then most likely your license information in your VSA is syncing with our license manager but we recommend you continue with the troubleshooting steps

Case I

Is there a proxy, firewall, content filter, or web filter? If you do, then please make sure full exclusion has been placed for




You may not be able to access the above URL which would give you the source of the issue

Please provide a complete detail about your firewall/proxy/content filtering when opening the case with Kaseya support.

If you are looking for an IP address for our license manager, you can get those details by performing nslookup.

nslookup license.kaseya.net

nslookup vsaupdate.kaseya.net

Case II

  • Rename C:\kaseya\webpages\install\lic.htm to lic.htm.old
  • Now please browse to the below URL on Kaseya server and wait for it to error out or come back as 'check complete'
    • localhost/inc/getcheck.asp
  • C:\kaseya\webpages\install\lic.htm should be recreated
  • Please open the file and find out if there is an error. This may give you an error message like you have 'Internal Proxy Error'

Expected Eesult:


Problematic Example Result:







Please resolve the issue on your side with the help of the error message that you see in the above file. You may have to speak to your network team or the network device vendor(example:Mako Router and Guardian Web Traffic Filtering)  

Please include the result of the above test and the lic.htm file while opening the case with Kaseya support.

Case III

Download the attached curltest_kaseya.zip file on the Kaseya server and extract it over to C drive(below test assumes you have extracted the folder as C:\curltest_kaseya\


Run the file curltest.cmd and curltest-ssl.cmd available under curltest_kaseya

This will create log files under C:\curltest_kaseya\

Collect the new logs created and send that to us

If you are unable to run the cmd files, please perform steps from below article as an alternate troubleshooting






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