Cannot select a machine (checkbox) in Agent > Application Blocker page


Cannot select a machine in Agent > Application Blocker page


The machine which you are attempting to select has another agent installed that is currently using the drivers required by application blocker


Please hover your mouse on the agent icon where you are trying to set the setting. It will give you a message like shown below




  • This suggests that the driver Kaseya requires for application blocking is being used by another agent on that machine.If multiple agents are installed on a machine, only one agent at a time controls the drivers required to use File Access, Network Access, Application Blocker. These functions can only be performed by the agent controlling these drivers.
  • In order to verify if there is another agent on that machine or not, please either check it from Audit > Add/Remove Programs on VSA or from Task Manager > Services > Kaseya Agent Service (there should be 2 service if you have 2 kaseya agents on that machine)
  • If there is no other agent installed on that machine and if you are still seeing the issue, please perform a force agent update from Agent > Update Agent page / Agent > Manage Agents > Manage button > Update AgentsPlease contact Kaseya Support if this does not resolve the issue


Applies to: v6.2 and above.

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