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Event 2003 "Microsoft-Windows-Perflib" warning on Kaseya / SQL server

You receive the following message in the Windows application event log:

Log: Application
Type: Warning
Event: 2003
Event Time: 01:01:01 PM 01-Jan-2015 UTC
Source: Microsoft-Windows-Perflib
Category: None
Username: N/A
Computer: MY-SERVER
Description: The configuration information of the performance library "C:\Windows\SysWOW64\perf-MSSQLSERVER-sqlctr10.0.1600.22.dll" for the "MSSQLSERVER" service does not match the trusted performance library information stored in the registry. The functions in this library will not be treated as trusted.

This is not Kaseya issue. This is a message generated by Windows when it fails to load a performance counter due to a number of possible issues.

Microsoft has a KB article that explains hwo to resolve this Windows issue.

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