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I am configuring how long I keep my logs from the Agent > Log History page. How long does Kaseya recommend that we keep our logs?


We generally recommend that users keep logs for a 1 month period or 31 days. This provides you with sufficient log information to troubleshoot issues and track information that occurs for all your agents and users. If you were to keep logs for longer than 31 days, you will notice that your database will also grow in size. A database keeping 31 days of logs would be smaller than a database carrying 90 days of logs.

Additionally, keeping too few logs will make troubleshooting issues difficult. For example, if you only keep 7 days of logs, your database would be small but you wouldn't be able to successfully troubleshoot any issue that happened more than 7 days ago or any issue that is occurring on a weekly basis.

The Agent Procedure Log (script log), Event Log, and Monitor Log are generally the tables that grow the largest in size.

The script log tracks all scripts that are run on all your endpoints and logs it all into one table called 'scriptlog'.

The Event Logs and Monitor Logs creates a new table for each individual day of the year and records all the events and counters for that day specifically in that dates table. The table for event logs are called 'ntEventLogYYYYMMDD'. The table for monitor logs are stored in 'monitorlog', 'monitorCounterLogYYYYMMDD', and 'monitorSnmpObjectGetLogYYYYMMDD.'

Where YYYY is the year, MM is the month, and DD is the day.

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