I have scheduled an update of the Agents, but the version number is not changing

You have scheduled your agents to update, but after a while, they are still showing the old agent version number

There are a number of things that can cause this, here are some common causes:
1. The agent installer on the Kaseya Server did not get updated
2. The installer failed to run on the target machines
3. The installer ran, but the machine requires a reboot before the new version will work

1. On the Kaseya server, check C:\Kaseya\webpages\managedFiles\VSAHiddenFiles\pcInstall
Right click on the kagentsilent.exe file and check the date stamp. This should match the time that the server was last updated.
If you see an older date, you may have an older installer.
If this is the case, then re-run the Kaseya Server installer to get the file updated.
A handy tip is to rename this kagentsilent.exe to .old, before running the installer, so that you can check that the new file is delivered.

2. This is a little harder to track. Check the target machine for a file called KASetup.log - there are a number of places that this can live, so it is best to search for this.
This is the log that is created when the installer runs. Looking at this log, we can see if the setup ran and if so, if it encountered any problems. If this file does not exist, then it is possible that the installer did not run at all.

3. When you run the update agent process, it runs silently on the target machine. This means that any dialogues are hidden from the user.
If any of the agent files are locked or in use at the time that the agent upgrade runs, it may require a reboot to complete. Without the "silent" flag, the user will not see the message asking them to reboot.
Over time, these machines will reboot and will apply the changes, but if you require this immediately, you can schedule an agent procedure to reboot the machine sooner

If you have tried all of the above, but the agents are still showing the old version, log in to http://helpdesk.kaseya.com and create a ticket, mentioning that you have looked at this KB article.

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