Should I install AV on my Kaseya Server?

I want to install AV on my Kaseya server - is there a brand that you recommend? Are there any settings that I should apply? Do I need AV?

Your Kaseya Server sends and receives files from your customer's machines, so for your protection and that of your customers, an AV solution is a good idea.

Kaseya Support does not recommend 3rd party brands of AV. Feel free to install whichever AV solution you are happy with.

Regarding the settings, these vary widely from one vendor to another:

- As a general rule, the Kaseya Server and SQL server are high network and high I/O machines, so the AV settings should take this in to account.

We would advise that you monitor the server's performance after installing AV and see if there are any changes. If, for example, after the install of your preferred AV solution, you start to see a change in behavior, such as slower page loads, or agent connection failures, then you may wish to revisit the AV settings and turn off things that could be affecting this.

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