How to install a standard MAC agent package


How do I install a standard MAC Agent package?


To install a standard MAC Agent package, follow the steps below:

A.) In your VSA, navigate to Agent > Packages > Manage Packages and click on + Create

B.) Complete wizard following these steps:

- 1) Specify how the machine ID is assigned: Computer Name - the computer name

- 2) Specify how the group ID is assigned: Existing Group (yourgroup.root)

- 3) Do not select the Silent Install option

- 4) Additional switches: /r /w /g=root.yourgroup /c

- 5) Select box: Do Not Copy Settings

- 6) Select agent type - you can use Automatically choose OS of downloading computer or simply use Macintosh

- 7) No binding!

- 8) Name the package

- 9) Add a description (optional).


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