Troubleshooting Linux Agent Installs


How do I troubleshoot Linux Agent Installs?



For general Linux agent installation and uninstallation instructions see


Note the following specific items from there:

A - When there is a noexec Flag Set on /tmp Directory

The Linux agent installer stores temporary files in /tmp by default. Some system administrators set up /tmp with a noexec flag. When that happens, the binary installer can't run. To work around this potential problem, use the --tmpdir=<alt-tmp-dir> option to change the directory temp files are stored in. Normally this isn't needed, but in a few cases it is. Here is an example of its use:

   # ./ --tmpdir=/my/tmpdir


B - When receiving the "fatal: installation of the agent failed  because this program cannot run 32 bit programs" error on targeted 64-bit Linux machines

The Linux Agent is 32-bit and the installer is built to automatically install any necessary 32-bit libraries to supported 64-bit machines as needed, though sometimes there are some 32-bit libraries that are not added to the repository of the installer to be installed. Here is how to address that:

1 - Run the again with the -X -V -D in a terminal window on the machine and then cd the contents of the /tmp directory from there (or whatever directory if /tmp was set with a noexec flag and something else was used as such).

2 - In the /tmp directory (or whichever designed temp location), there will be a a[PID] file (Where [PID] = the PID of the above ran installer).

3 - When that is located, run this: # ldd /[tmp or whatever directory]/[PID]

From there, you will see which packages are needed to install. Install those packages and then after that re-run the Kaseya Agent installation to the Linux OS-based machine. Also, file a ticket with Kaseya Support noting which packages that you had to install manually as a result of this - we can then send this to Engineering to consider adding that into the installer for the future as well.


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