Error message "Collation of Latin1_General_CI_AS which does not match the KSubscriber database."


After updating to Kaseya 2008 SP1, you see this message up on login


The Master database in your SQL Server has a collation of Latin1_General_CI_AS which does not match the KSubscriber database.



This mismatch occurs when the KSubscriber database has been restored to an SQL Server that has a different collation setting.


You must immediately backup your KSubscriber database,

stop the KServer service, reinstall your SQL server with the same instance name and the collation SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS, restore the KSubscriber database, and restart the KServer.


 This is a new message in SP1. Several errors have been seen on customer servers since the release of Kaseya 2008, after extensive diagnosis, the problem was due to this Collation mismatch between the ksubscribers database and the other databases such as tempdb.

 Kaseya now checks for this situation during the login process to alert you that there is a problem. This message does not mean that the problem has just occured, but is simply a new check that has been added.


If the ksubscribers database and the other databases have a different collation setting, various SQL queries will fail, and this will cause problems.


You can confirm the error by checking SQL Studio



The only solution is to reinstall SQL, ensuring that the collation setting matches the ksubscribers setting.


1. Using SQL Studio (see above), you can see the ksubscribers collation setting.

2. Take a backup of the kaseya database

3. Reinstall SQL with the correct settings

4. Restore the Database


More Information:

Information on backing up the database can be found here



Applies To:

Kaseya 2008 SP1

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