Why are Agents not installing via LANWatch?



Why are Agents not installing via LANWatch ? An error "The network path was not found" is seen in the log



You have entered apparently valid credentials and used a valid package to install agents on machines. However, after scanning the LAN using LANWatch, some you see some obvious error messages,e.g. wrong user name and password, no admin$ share, but some seemed to have just not installed.

When trying install the client you get this message "The network path was not found"

The causes could include:

  • An attempt to connect to\\admin$ resulted in a failure.
  • A possible combination of the windows firewall on the client and incorrect net bios name resolution on the server.


The following instructions only apply to Kaseya on-Premise VSA customers

Run a manual instance of the LANWatch to assess the problem.

LANWatch uses a program called KCONNECT to remotely connect to and install the agent on remote machines. It is this program you need to run to assess the issue.

  1. Copy kconnect.exe from kaseya server e.g. c:\kaseya\webpages\ManagedFiles\VSAHiddenFiles to c:\ on the machine on which you have been running LANWatch.
  2. Copy a version of the agent that includes the /r (force reinstall) switch in the package (this will force the install to proceed if some part of a previously failed Agent install still exists) to c:\ as well.
  3. From a command line at the root (c:\) of the LANWatch machine type the following command with MACHINENAME being the target machine for the agent:

kconnect \ \MACHINENAME -c -u domain\username -p password kcssetup.exe
(If there is no name, you can leave out the domain, or try the target machine name)

If successful, you will see error code 0. 

If you see any other error message, type the following command to find additional information on the error:

net helpmsg {error number}

These error messages are windows error messages and not Kaseya or PSEXEC error messages.



On-Premise Customers only

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