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    I have recently setup a Microsoft Active Directory + ISA / Forefront Server network infrastructure in an environment with machines that have Kaseya Agents installed onto them. These Kaseya Agents now experience issues checking into the VSA. What do I do from here?

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    You will need to update your ISA configuration with the proper rules & exceptions (specific to your site & your configured agent port) for it to work correctly with Kaseya Agents. If you are not able to do this, please visit the following ISA Support webpage for information & support from Microsoft regarding this particular product: (note the MSFT discontinued announcement in this)
    Further options from this are noted here too -

    Also, you may contact to setup time w/ Kaseya Professional Services to do this as well.


    The following is a temporary workaround to at least have your agents check-in, though other components of the Kaseya Agents may not work (ie.: Remote Control):

    On the Active Directory Side, create or select an AD account that is a member of the Administrators group. 

    On the ISA software side, configure this same AD account to have full ISA-internet priveleges.

    On the Kaseya Agent side, within the Agent > Configure Agents > Set Credential page, set the credential for these particular agents in this environment to reflect the username, password, and domain of this particular AD account.

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    Kaseya Agents
    Microsoft ISA Server
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