How does time work in Kaseya?

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The kaseya server is in one timezone, the agent another, and the admin yet another - how does Kaseya handle the time?



We are often asked what time is shown in Kaseya, if you see a script scheduled to run at 10am, which 10am is this? The agents 10am, the admins 10am, or the kaseya servers 10am. For many people this is not an issue, but as soon as one of the 3 objects (kserver, admin or agent) moves into a different timezone, you have to know what you are seeing.

Originally, the time that you would see was the time at the kaseya server - no matter where you were, the time would be the kserver time. This was a problem, because you had to know the local time of the kaseya server in order to know what the point of reference was.

It was then changed so that the time was the time on the remote machine. If you set the patch Scan to run at 9am, then it would be adjusted so that it would run at 9am on the remote machine, whatever time zone it was in. This again lead to people complaining, because they didn't know the timezone of each machine.

So, after trying both of those, it was settled on the time displayed is the time that the admin is in, as he should know this time. If the admin is sat in Europe and sees a patch scan is due to run at 9am, he can look at his wristwatch and know exactly when that is, without having to do a look-up on the IP address of the kaseya server to find out where it is in the world, and do the maths, or likewise check each machines location to calculate when this will actually occur.

If your wristwatch is currently showing 10am, and a script appears in kaseya to be scheduled for 11am, then it will run in one hour from now, regardless of where the kaseya server is located, or which timezone the client is in.

If you are seeing incorrect times, check the following: -

1) Kaseya server time is correct, and is set to the right time zone
2) machine you are browsing from is set to the right time zone
3) Kaseya server and machine you are browsing from are fully patched with any MS updates relating to DST / time zone changes


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