How do I configure IIS on Kaseya server to use SSL and certificates?


How do I configure IIS on Kaseya server to use SSL and certificates?



Kaseya sits on top of IIS.

If you change the IIS configuration, either the port that the default website runs on or enable SSL, Kaseya will detect the change at the next logon and a background process make any necessary changes to Kaseya.

The agents can be told to check in to DNS name, NetBIOS name or IP address, as long as the name in the 'server address' box can be resolved by the client to the server all is well. DNS is the nicest solution as any changes to the servers IP address only result in you having to update your DNS rather than give the new address to all the agents.

The agent connects directly to the Kaseya service on the server, so changes to IIS will not affect this.

IIS is only used for us humans to access the admin console, not by the agents.


More Information:

Microsoft has a great deal of information regarding the procedure of enabling SSL on IIS.

Kaseya does not send usernames and passwords in clear text. Encryption of the data is performed at the client end, and the encrypted data is sent to the server, even without SSL enabled.

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