Troubleshooting Kaseya Agent check-in problems

  • Agent cannot check into Kaseya server
  • Agent icon appears gray (grey) / disconnected
There are four possible causes: 
  • Agent service (Agentmon.exe/ AgentMon) has failed or is no longer running
  • Agent is unable to connect to Kaseya server on agent check-in port (5721 by default)
  • Agent license count has been exceeded on the server
  • A new Agent is unable to auto-create its account on the VSA server


First check the agent log file (c:/program files/kaseya/agent/kaserror.log) to see if the reason for failure has been logged.

To identify and troubleshoot each of the above scenarios: -

1) Check that "agentmon.exe" is running in task manager and/or the AgentMon launch daemon is running in the OS X/Linux system.
If agentmon.exe isn't running, click start -> programs -> Kaseya -> agent. If the process still does not appear in task manager, check the system event logs to see if the process failed to load correctly. If you cannot get it to load, uninstall and reinstall the agent.
Check agentmon.log located under C:\Program Files (x86)\kaseya\xxxxxxx\agentmon.log

2) Check that you can connect to the KServer on the agent check-in port: -
Right-click on the Agent systray icon (Windows and Linux), or click on the agent menu bar icon (OS X) and select "Set Account" (if enabled), make a note of the server address. You can also hover your mouse icon over the agent icon to view this information.
From a command prompt type "telnet <server address> 5721", you should see a blank screen if the connection is successful.
If you see a message such as "Could not open connection to the host, on port 5721: Connect failed" then a network issue is preventing communication.

3) Check System tab > License Manager to ensure installed agents count does not exceed license count

If the count has been exceeded, then no agents will be able to check in until you delete sufficient licences to bring the count within the license limit.

4) If this is the reason for failure, it should be reported in the System log

- Go to System tab > Check-in Policy and check that the group the agent is trying to check into is enabled for auto-creation. If this is not enabled, new agents will be unable to check-in and create an account for themselves
- If the group is enabled for auto-create but you still get this problem, try installing a package pointing to a different group to see if the problem is group-specific
- As a workaround, create the account manually using Agent tab > Create to allow the new agent to check in



If none of these steps resolve the problem, please raise a support ticket and include this information:
1) Screenshot of System tab > License Manager showing agent license count
2) Screenshot showing System tab > Check-in Policy for the group in question
  • Kaseya Agent (all versions and types).
  • Grey offline agent icon.

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