How do I customize the Agent Icons in the system tray to use my company's logo


I want to use my own company logo as the Kaseya agent icon instead of the default blue K. How do I do it?


You will need to have four (4) different icons: online, offline, blink, and no-remote. See details about format, size, and color depth in the online help (More Information section below)

- Log into the VSA and navigate to System > Customize > Site Customization, then click on the Agent Icons tab. This shows the default icons (K-icons).
- Click on Edit and upload the icon files- Navigate to Agent > Upgrade Version > Update Agent. Make sure you check the tickbox "Force update even if the agent is at the latest version".
- Select all your agents and click on Update Agent- As soon as the agents check-in with the Kaseya server, their icons will be updated. This may take a while, so please be patient.

If you wish to track the progress of the agent update, ALT-Click on an agent icon to open the single machine interface. - Click on the Pending Procedures tab. You will see several K Agent Update procedures. Please be patient. The new agent icons will have been deployed when you see the procedure "K Agent Update Done" completed with the status SuccessIf you have any problems, please contact Customer Support. 


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