Backup fails with "Invalid file reference" error in Acronis log



Backup fails and Acronis log contains "invalid file reference" error.

<event id="18" level="4" module="1" code="502" time="1313473175" message="Operation with partition '0-0' was terminated. Details: <indent>Invalid file reference. Error code: 0x7001A Tag: 0x89D94B01B483E1A4</indent>" line_tag="0xA164035B3FF39281" />


<event id="19" level="4" module="7" code="26" time="1313473175" message="Invalid file reference" line_tag="0x89D94B01B483E1A4" />


<event id="20" level="4" module="100" code="103" time="1313473175" message="Failed to perform the backup operation." />



This error  is caused by file system or disk corruption.

To resolve this run chkdsk /r /f  on each drive being backed up (requires reboot).


If the issue is unresolved: -

1) back up each partition individually to isolate the source of the problem
2) run Acronis Info tool (instructions here > submit the output to Kaseya support along with the log sample



To access the Acronis log for a backup taken with Kaseya Backup, go to Backup tab > backup Sets function and click the success/failed link in the "Result" column.



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