ABR11 bootable media builder installation script





How to install Acronis Backup & Recovery 11 bootable media builder on a Kaseya Backup client machine.




ABR11 bootable media builder can be installed to any client running a Kaseya OEM build of Acronis (it has been tested with v9.7 and 10.0) using a custom script package which can be downloaded from here


Here are the steps to install: -


1) extract the MSI and MST files to the shared files area on your Kaseya server (\kaseya\webpages\managedfiles\vsasharedfiles)

2) create an agent procedure from the Procedure Deploy ABR11 boot media builder.xml file: -

- Agent Procedures > Scehdule/Create

- select the folder where you want to create the procedure

- click Import Folder/Procedure button

- browse to XLM file and click Save

3) schedule or run the procedure - it will copy the install files to the agent working directory and execute using Windows Installer command (silent installation with no reboot)


Once installed, the application can be started from All Programs > Acronis > Acronis Backup & Recovery 11 bootable media builder > Run Bootable Media Builder. It can be used to create Linux or Windows PE based recovery CD images.




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