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"Last differential" backups log "Failed to parse archive index" warning if Max File Size is restricted


1) Backup schedule is configured with "last differential" option

2) Max File Size is configured with restriction (for example 600Mb)

3) backups are successful, but differential backups log a warning message: -


Volume Differential 3:02:55 pm 10-Jul-14 00:19:11 61.7MB Success
Backup completed successfully - WARNING: Failed to parse archive index:



The problem has been documented.



- set Max File Size to "unrestricted" (usually restriction is only needed if backup images need to be stored on media with size limit smaller than the backups, such as CD/DVD)


- configure backup schedule to something other than last differential (all differential or incremental)


This article will be updated when a permanent solution is available.



Kaseya VSA (v6.5 and above)

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