I have an account defined in Manage Agent > Credentials > Set Credential. How do I configure the Set Credential on an endpoint?

I have an account defined in 'Manage Agent > Credentials > Set Credential'. How do I configure the Set Credential on an endpoint?
In order for many functions of the Kaseya agent to work correctly, the account specified in 'Manage Agent > Credentials > Set Credential' must be configured on the local endpoint.  This account MUST be added explicitly as a member of the Local Administrator group.  Please note:  It is not sufficient for the agent to be a Domain Administrator and Domain Administrators be added to the Local Administrator group. You must explicitly add the Set Credential account to the Local Administrator group.  The steps to do this may vary slightly depending on the OS but you can generally find “Users and Groups” (or similar) in the Control Panel.  For example, if the account you define in 'Set Credential' is called “itsupport”, this account should be listed as a local administrator as displayed below.
Note:  For additional information regarding Local Users and Groups, please refer to the documentation for your Operating System.
Special note for Patch Management:  It is advised you also explicitly grant FULL CONTROL permissions on the working directory to the account defined in 'Set Credential'.  If you have defined a set credential AND you have Patch Management > File Source settings to include “…to the temp folder on drive with most free space”, you must ensure the account specified in 'Set Credential' has FULL CONTROL over the working directory on ALL local drives.  You can verify settings are correct by right clicking on the working directory folder(s) on the endpoint and verifying the Set Credential has Full Control, as displayed in the screenshot below.
Applies to:
All VSA versions.

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