Reapply Schema Error: Table 'DeploymentPermissions' already has a primary key defined on it.


When running a reapply schema/reinstall database schema, and encounter the following error:

Fatal MessageSys Error: ESET/index/eset.PK_DeploymentPermissions.sql

System Error [0] Message: Error #1779: Table 'DeploymentPermissions' already has a primary key defined on it.
Could not create constraint. See previous errors. on line 1.



  1. Access SQL Management Studio on your SQL Server.
  2. Run the following SQL Command:
    • USE ksubscribers;
      ALTER TABLE eset.DeploymentPermissions

Note: Please reach out to ESET to let them know that you've experienced this issue so that they can track internally on their side.

ESET has also included this resolution in their own troubleshooting steps found here.


Integration with ESET 



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