Backups Report as Failed after Server Migration

Issue: The Acronis Backups Will report as failing in all of your Endpoints with the following error 

   - Backup failed - There was an error parsing additional backup results for this machine

Cause: Kaseya UserProfiles folder has lost IIS permissions after the the Migration and the Acronis logs cannot be uploaded to the Kaseya server, as a result all backups report as failed. 


    1) Go to Install Drive\Kaseya\UserProfiles

    2) Right click the UserProfiles Folder and select Properties --> Security 

    3)  Add the IUSR and IIS_IUSRS accounts with Full Control to the folder 

         - When adding the two IIS accounts select the computer as the location to search not the Domain.

This will Allow the Backup logs to be uploaded correctly and the backups to report success or failure correctly. 




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