Local Server status - "local server directory not found"


  • on Backup > Offsite Replication > Local Servers page, a local server has status of "local server directory not found"
  • no files are currently being replicated to offsite server


  • the local server's replication sync "directory path" is not valid, or cannot be accessed by the agent credential account



Use these steps to troubleshoot the problem: -

1) log onto the local server agent machine as the "agent credential" account (as configured on Agent > Set Credential page) 
2) open Windows command shell (cmd.exe) and attempt a directory listing of the share. In the above example, the command would be: -

dir "\\server1\backups" /s 

- if an error message is returned, use standard Windows/network troubleshooting to investigate further (the problem is not related to Kaseya) 

- if Windows prompts for additional credentials, the "agent credential" account does not have sufficient permissions to access the folder or LAN share

Applies to

Kaseya VSA (Backup module) - all versions

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