Offsite synthetic full backups do not run if folder and volume backups scheduled on same agent


  • a backup agent has both Folder and Volume backups scheduled
  • volume backups are replicated offsite, and have the "synthetic full" option enabled
  • after one successful cycle, subsequent synthetic full backups stop being processed on the offsite server
  • Backup Status page shows that jobs are queued, but not marked as "ready to go", even though all dependent files have been replicated
  • Backup Status page does not display the "full" image file (volBackup.TIB) for the last completed synthetic full, even though the file is present on disk






  • The problem has been documented.



  • The only way to work around this problem is to avoid scheduling folder backups on agents where "synthetic full" feature is used.
  • This article will be updated when a solution is available.


Applies to

Kaseya VSA (Backup module) - v6.5 and above

Acronis client v11.x


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