Disk backup images no longer contain all the partitions shown on Schedule Volumes page


  • on Backup > Schedule Volumes page, an agent is configured to back up a disk



  • recent backup images created by the agent do not contain one or more of the partitions that the Kaseya shows as belonging to the selected disk (for example, the E partition shown above)
  • backup logs may show a sudden, unexpected change to the size of the images



  • physical disk data shown on Schedule Volumes page is collected when Backup client installation is verified (which usually only runs after installation or upgrade)
  • if physical disk layout has changed since the last time installation was verified, the data may no longer be correct
  • if a partition is no longer on the selected disk, it will not be backed up



  • to ensure the data is correct, go to Backup > Install/Remove page and run "verify installation" - this will update the information on Schedule Volumes page if any changes have been made since last "verify"
  • if hardware changes are made frequently (as occurs in some VM environments, for example), selecting partitions for backup (instead of disks) will ensure that a specific partition is always selected for backup.



  • Kaseya VSA (Backup module) - all versions

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