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Incremental backup processing failed


  • Backups from Acronis v11.x client(s) are replicated offsite, with "synthetic full backup" feature enabled.
  • After every synthetic full backup, the following error is logged for the first incremental backup in the new set: -


Incremental backup processing failed for volBackup2.TIB in set 20141118 21.17.52 for machine backupagent.root.unnamed. No further incremental backups will be replicated offsite for this set, but incremental backups replicated before this message are valid. It is not possible to create an offsite synthetic full backup from this set, so the next full backup will be a non-synthetic full backup.


  • The error appears in Backup Logs for both the offsite server and the backup agent.
  • As noted in the error message, no further incremental backups are replicated from the current set, and the next full backup is non-synthetic. However the problem occurs again after the subsequent synthetic full backup,
  • There may be an exception like this logged in Windows application event log on the offsite at the time of the error: -




.NET 3.5.1 is not installed on the offsite server.



Windows Server 2008

- go to Server Manager > Features > Add Features

- select .NET Framework 3.5.1

- click Install button



Windows Server 2012

- go to Server Manager > Manage > Add Roles and Features

- click on Features tab

select .NET Framework 3.5.1

- click Next, then Install button




Further investigation

If the problem is not resolved after reviewing this article, please provide Kaseya support with the following information: -

1) error samples from Backup Logs page

2) confirmation that .NET 3.5.1 was installed on the offsite server at the time the most recent errors occurred


Applies to

Kaseya VSA (v6.5 and above)

Acronis v11.x

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