Mounting Acronis image is successful but no drive letter assigned


When mounting an Acronis image from a volume backup, the user interface reports that the mount was successful, but no new drive letter is visible in Windows.

The problem occurs on Acronis v11.5 agents when mounting from: -

- the Kaseya web interface (Backup > Recovery > Explore Volumes page)

- the Kaseya Backup "local UI" (KaseyaBackupLocalUI.exe)

- Acronis Management console



The problem has been documented.


There are several workarounds available: -

1) use Windows tools (diskmgmt.msc or diskpart.exe) to manually assign the drive letter after mounting
2) mount the image using Acronis Management Console, and select mount "for all users" instead of "for current user only", as shown below (by default, mount is for the logged in user only)
3) if only small files / folders need to be restored, "explore" the image using right-click menu on .tib file instead of mounting (NB - this method requires Acronis Management Console to be installed and does not support restoring larger file selections, e.g. >500Mb)



This article will be updated when a permanent solution is available.


Applies to

Kaseya VSA (v6.5 and above)

Acronis Backup and Recovery v11.5

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