Offsite synthetic full backups stuck in queue (not running)


Synthetic full backups have completed on backup agent, but have not yet been executed on the offsite server.

Backup Status page may show a backlog of queued offsite synthetic full backups.



When a synthetic full backup completes on a backup agent, an offsite synthetic full backup (OSFB) is queued on the offsite server that the client’s backups are replicated to. The status can be monitored from the Offsite Status page (Offsite/Local Server status sections).



The OSFB can only be processed when the Backup Set its being created from (i.e. the previous backup set) is complete on the offsite server. If the job shows in the queue as “ready to go”, it means all required files are present.

If a job is not “ready to go” it may be because: -

  • incremental or differential backups from the previous set have not completed replication

  • the OSFB from the previous set has not completed yet

  • a dependent backup set has been deleted by a user from the backup agent’s Image Location

Once marked as “ready to go”, OSFB’s are processed sequentially in order of when they were queued. If a job is “ready to go” but not yet “in process”, it may be queued behind other jobs on the offsite server.



Use these steps to determine why an offsite synthetic full backup (OSFB) has not completed yet: -

1) go to Backup Status page and check the synthetic full backup queue for the offsite server that the backups are being replicated to. If there are several jobs queued for the backup agent in question, locate the oldest by “New set name”

2) if the job is “ready to go” and “in process”, it is currently running. If it appears to be “stuck” (it has been running for much longer than expected)

3) if the job is “ready to go” but is not “in process”, it is queued behind other jobs. Sort the queue by “ready to go” column to view all jobs which are ready and waiting to be processed.

- if there are always multiple “ready to go” jobs waiting to be processed, the offsite server may be overloaded
- if a job for another backup agent appears to be “stuck” (it has been running for much longer than expected)

4) if the job is not “ready to go”: -

- from Backup Status page, review replication status for the offsite server



- check that the Backup Set prior to the queued OSFB is complete (full backup and all incremental backups must be present)
- if any files have not yet completed replication, OSFB will remain in the queue until they are complete. If there is insufficient bandwidth available to complete replication
- if the previous backup set is no longer present, the OSFB is “orphaned”. In this case it will never run, and neither will any later dependent jobs.



If the problem cannot be resolved using the above steps, please provide Kaseya Support with the following information: -

1) screenshot of Synthetic Backups Queued
2) screenshot of replication status showing oldest queued job and the previous backup set
3) agent names of affected backup agent, local and offsite servers
4) offsite replication logs from local and offsite servers - these are located in the agent “working directory” (usually c:\kworking) and named offsite*.txt




Kaseya VSA (Backup module)

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