Resolving “orphaned” offsite synthetic full backups


One or more Offsite Synthetic Full Backups (OSFB) is queued but never gets marked as “ready to go”.

The prior dependent backup set has been completely or partially deleted.



Every OSFB is dependent on the last Backup Set. If a Backup Set, or any of its files, are deleted before the OSFB for the next set is completed, the OSFB for the next set (and any later dependent sets) will be “orphaned”.



In this case it is necessary to start a new chain by forcing a non-synthetic Full Backup.

This can be done using the following steps: -

1) force a new non-synthetic full backup by re-submitting the Image Password on the affected backup agent

- go to Backup > Configure > Image Password page

- select the agent

- re-enter the same password in the "create" and "confirm" boxes, and click the Change button (password does not need to be changed, just re-submitting the same password again will force the next backup to be non-synthetic full backup)

- the existing schedule will not be affected (for example if full backups normally run on Fridays and you do this on a Tuesday, you will get a non-synthetic full backup on Tuesday and then a synthetic full again on the Friday)


2) if there is not enough bandwidth to replicate the new full backup: -
- suspend replication using Schedule Transfer function

- copy the file to the offsite server manually (for example using a removable disk)

- enable replication again


3) manually delete or move the sets prior to the new full backup from the image location - they will be removed from Kaseya database the next time a full (or synthetic full) runs, at this point any queued offsite synthetic full backups for those sets will be removed


Applies to

Kaseya VSA (Backup module)

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