Disk backup no longer includes correct partitions


Kaseya Backup has been configured to back up a disk.

The backups are reported successful, but are the wrong size and the created archives do not contain the expected partitions.

The backup logs may show unexpected change in the size of the backups.



The disk/partition information in Kaseya (shown for each agent on Schedule Volumes page) is retrieved from Acronis when the installation is verified. This happens just after installation of the backup client, or when using the "Verify Install" button on the Backup > Configure > Install/Remove page.

If disk hardware or partition structure is changed, and the installation is not "re-verified", the disk/partition information may no longer be correct. For example, if a partition is moved from one disk to another, Kaseya will still "think" its on the original disk. Backing up this disk will be successful, but it will no longer contain the partition in question.



Take the following steps after any changes to disk hardware or partition layout: -

1) re-verify the backup client installation, using "Verify Install" button on Install/Remove page

2) go to Schedule Volumes and check that the selected disks still contain all the partitions that need to be backed up

3) if necessary, change disk selection



Kaseya VSA - Backup (all versions)

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