Files appear corrupt after restoring from Server 2012 de-duplication enabled volume


  • backup was taken of a Windows Server 2012 volume with de-duplication enabled
  • folder, disk, or volume backup was successfully verified
  • when performing a file/folder based restore, data within some files appears to be corrupt (for example, opening a Word document displays strange characters instead of the original content)


Acronis does not support file-level backup and file recovery, including file recovery from a disk backup, of de-duplication enabled volumes -


Further information about Server 2012 de-duplication can be found here -



To successfully recover files from de-duplication enabled volumes, it is necessary to the restore the whole disk or volume. Files can be copied from the recovered volume back to the original location using Windows.



Kaseya Backup (v6.5 and above)

Acronis Backup and Recovery v11.5

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