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Incremental backups too large when backing up multiple disks at the same time


  • when backing up two or more disks using Schedule Volumes, incremental backups are much larger than expected (for example, around 90% of the size of the full backup)
  • if each disk is backed up individually, the incremental backups are expected size (typically around 5-10% of full backup size)



Two or more Windows volumes have identical serial numbers. This can be seen using "dir" command, for example: -

Volume in drive C is OS
Volume Serial Number is 4894-FFFC


Volume in drive D is OS
Volume Serial Number is 4894-FFFC



The problem must be corrected on the Windows side.

For example, VolumeID tool from Sysinternals can be used to reset serial numbers -


Applies to

Kaseya VSA (Backup module) - all versions

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