Schedule Volumes page does not contain correct disk layout


Schedule Volumes page does not show correct disk/partition structure for an agent after any hardware changes, for example: -

  • a new physical disk has been added
  • a physical disk has been removed
  • a partition is moved from one disk to another


Acronis has its own low level disk driver (snapAPI) which is used to identify and back up disks. This is separate from the Kaseya Audit, which runs at OS level.

Kaseya audits the physical disk layout for Backup using an Acronis process that runs only after Backup client is installed, or when "verifying" the installation.

It does not automatically detect changes to the physical disk layout.


To update the disk information for an existing backup agent, go to Backup > Configure > Install/Remove page, select the agent,  and click the "Verify Install" button.

Applies to

Kaseya VSA (Backup module) - all versions

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