Unscheduled Full backup runs after previous backup attempt using "Backup Now" button was skipped


  • backup is attempted using "Backup Now" button on an agent which already has a backup in progress
  • a Full backup was attempted, but skipped due to backup already running
  • some time later, a Full backup runs when none was scheduled


  • if Synthetic Full backup is enabled, the unscheduled full backup will be replicated offsite


  • the problem has been documented
  • skipped "backup now" task gets automatically rescheduled, offset by incremental/differential backup interval (for example, if  incremental/differential backup interval is 1 day, the unscheduled backup will run 24 hours after "skipped" job)


  • this article will be updated when a solution is available

Applies to

Kaseya VSA (Backup module) - v6.5 and later

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