Why are there multiple Volume Incremental Backups running daily on machines


You have specified a Volume Incremental Backup to run once per day - however you notice on some days it seems that more than one incremental backup will run.


1) You have specified a "Max File Size" for each backup on the 'Backup > Max File Size' page - causing multiple image files to be created. The Max File Size page specifies the maximum file size for image files. When a backup runs, image files get created. The file size specified in this option is the maximum size of each image file.

 2) If part 1 above does not apply, then you may not have specified the option to "Skip if machine offline" - then when the machine comes back online, it will run the previously scheduled backup that was due to run while the machine was offline, as well as the scheduled backup due to run that day. As a result you will see more than one incremental backups running on that particular day.


1) On the 'Backup > Max File Size' page, specify "Unrestricted file size" - this will allow for the full image to be completed in one single backup job.

2) On the 'Backup > Schedule Volumes' page, specify the option to "Skip if machine offline" - this will mean that when a machine comes back online, the backup job that was scheduled will now be skipped, and won't run as soon as the machine comes online.

Applies To

Kaseya Backup (KBU)

R9, R8, VSA 7.0, VSA 6.5

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